1. Log into the student/parent area of CHARMS.
  2. Choose the Finance icon. CHARMS will navigate you to the finances section.
  3. Activate the slide control next to the fixed payment you want to pay.
  4. Choose the Pay Fixed Payments button. CHARMS will display the fixed payment you are paying, the payment amount, and the “convenience charge”. The note on the bottom explains it’s Paypal’s charge, not the WFHS band’s.
  5. Choose Start Payment. CHARMS navigates you to a Paypal screen showing the payment amount, the 3% fee, and the total amount.
  6. Enter your Paypal email and password on the right side of the screen. Paypal will authenticate and log you into Paypal showing your balance.
  7. Choose Continue at the bottom right of the Paypal screen. Paypal will navigate you back to CHARMS showing you the amount and the surcharge.
  8. Choose Complete Payment to send the payment.