Drop off and Pick up areas

To ensure student safety and proper supervision at pick-up/drop off time before and after marching band rehearsals and football games, please review guidelines below:


  • Student drop-off area is the bus lanes or the parking area outside the loading dock area.  Please do not try to drop off in the loading dock area or behind the tennis courts. If students have their equipment with them, they may also be dropped off at the practice field. Students should check to see where marching band rehearsal begins each day.
  • Students MUST be dropped off no later than 15 minutes before practice start time or football game report time.


  • Student pick-up area after band rehearsals and football games is the bus lot or the parking area outside the loading dock area.   Please do not drop off in the loading dock area or behind the tennis courts.
  • Students may leave from the field after a rehearsal, whether it is the practice field or main field, ONLY if parents are there at practice end time.
  • OTHERWISE: Students MUST be picked up in the bus lot or the parking area outside the loading dock area.  Students will not be allowed to wait for a ride at the practice or stadium fields.
  • Please DO NOT pick up or drop off your child in the front of the building.
  • Please be on time when picking up and 15 minutes early when dropping off.
  • Please follow these guidelines and review with your child so that we can keep our children safe.
  • Please note that when the equipment trailers are in use, the pit performers are not permitted to leave until the trailers are unloaded and their equipment stored.