Band Camp Survival Guide

Are you Ready?

Welcome to the Pride of the West band camp survival guide. This guide will help you not only “survive” but have a blast at band camp this year. Thanks to former West band student Kayla Pearson for putting this guide together!


What is Band Camp?

Band camp is a period of intense sunlight, heat, training, and bonding.

  • Marching band members work alongside each other and educated staff to
    learn proper marching and playing techniques.
  • Members will also begin piecing the halftime show together throughout the
    span of band camp.
  • Band camp typically lasts for two weeks.



What do I need to bring?

  • Your instrument (Unless you are going to be using one owned by the school).
  • Water! – Preferably in a half-gallon water jug. Normal water bottles aren’t going to cut it.
  • Sunscreen (You will be in direct sunlight for hours on end. Be sure to reapply throughout the day).
  • Lunch – Make sure that what you pack is healthy. NO DAIRY!!
  • Music


What should I wear?

  • Light & comfortable clothing
  • Light colored t-shirt/tanktop (Name and instrument on front and back)
  • Athletic shorts
  • Avoid wearing dark colors, cotton, and jeans/denim. These could lead to heat exhaustion.
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Sunglasses/Hat



Things to Remember

  • Don’t wait until band camp starts to hydrate yourself! Make sure you’re drinking
    plenty of water in advance.
  • Get some rest! Heat + Fatigue = Illness & Regret
  • Eat healthy! As tempting as junk food is, put it down.
  • Exercise daily for a few weeks before band camp!
  • Early is on time, on time is late! Rehearsal starts at 8? Be there at 7:45. It gives you enough time to make sure you have everything you need and helps rehearsal move more quickly and efficiently.