Charms is a web site that allows parents of band students access to:

Calendar information

Volunteering opportunities

Files and Handouts

Paying through Paypal in Charms

  1. Login to Charms (school code is WestForsythHSBand). Password is your Charms ID (should be your school ID number)
  2. Navigate to the Finances tab if making a band payment (Navigate to online store if making a store payment). Charms displays the financial statement for the student (based on the school ID entered in login)
  3. Choose a payment from one of the ledgers that you want to pay and then click on the “Make payment” button. Follow the instructions presented within Charms to pay through Paypal.

Making a partial payment in Charms

Instead of clicking on the “Make Payment” button in the Fixed Payments area, scroll down to the Miscellaneous Ledger area, and choose the “Make Miscellaneous Payment” button. This will take you into Paypal where you can choose the amount you want to pay at this time.